Cezary Sieluzycki

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We introduce a complete framework for the calculation of statistically significant event-related desynchronization and synchronization (ERD/ERS) in the time-frequency plane for magnetoencephalographic (MEG) data, and provide free Internet access to software and illustrative datasets related to a classification task of frequency-modulated (FM) tones.(More)
We present a new paradigm for the adaptive estimation of evoked brain responses in single trials, based upon the combination of the matching pursuit (MP) algorithm and template matching, and referred to as Template Matching Pursuit (TMP). In contrast to the classical template matching with invariant single-trial morphology and to previous approaches using(More)
This paper presents an augmented reality (AR) trainer system based on the Microsoft Kinect to help improve performance when training high-precision techniques in judo. We focus on tachi-waza (standing techniques) in judo, however, other disciplines can be supported too, as well as rehabilitation of patients after injuries. The proposed AR system(More)