Ceyhun Özyurt

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AIMS Since lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD) related to multiple sclerosis (MS) has a different behavior pattern than other types of neurogenic voiding dysfunction, we aimed to prepare a national consensus report for the management of LUTD due to multiple sclerosis in light of available literature. METHODS A search of available databases yielded an(More)
In recent studies, it has been observed that androgen receptors are densely located in pelvic floor muscles. We aimed to investigate the effect of testosterone on urodynamic findings and histopathomorphology of pelvic floor muscles in rats with experimentally induced stress urinary incontinence. Twenty-eight adult female rats were randomized into four(More)
A case of renal carcinoma in a giant solitary renal cyst is reported. Ultrasonography and CT showed an apparently benign left renal cyst except for wall irregularity. Cytological examination and fat analysis of the cyst content were negative but the fluid was haemorrhagic in nature. Frozen section of the cyst wall revealed malignancy and further(More)
Eosinophilic cystitis is an unusual form of cystitis which is characterized by irritative voiding symptoms and haematuria. In the report herein two adult cases of eosinophilic cystitis treated with intravesical Mitomycin-C instillations for prophylaxis of bladder carcinoma are presented and the literature is reviewed.
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