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Pulmonary papillomatosis is an extremely rare variant of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis which is hard to treat, causes prolonged morbidity, and may transform into malignant disorder in several cases. Since the symptoms and radiologic findings are not specific, pulmonary papillomatosis is often being misdiagnosed. Although considered benign, pulmonary(More)
A parapneumonic effusion is the collection of exudative fluid in the pleural space associated with a concurrent pulmonary infection. Parapneumonic effusions account for approximately one-third of all effusions, and about 40% of patients with pneumonia develop a concomitant effusion. Patients with pneumonia who develop an effusion have an increased risk of(More)
One of the cornerstones of critical care medicine is support of the failing respiratory system. The 2 major components of managing respiratory failure are the acute intervention and the weaning process. Many of the studies to determine the optimal methods of ventilation and weaning have focused on non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation as an alternative(More)
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a syndrome of injured lung due to any systemic inflammatory responses. The decline in ARDS mortality mostly attributed to improvements in standard supportive care. There are still no data from any large multicenter randomized clinical trial ever demonstrated to reduce mortality other than the recommended by the(More)
Life threatening event due to central airway obstruction caused by very large blood clot formation with profuse on going bleeding its very challenging to manage. Interventional pulmonologist must aware about this situation which can lead to respiratory failure. There are several choices to treat this unlikely situation, in example flexible bronchoscopy with(More)
AIM to assess the current use of anticoagulants and implementation of International Guidelines in venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis in hospitalized patients with acute medical illnesses in Jakarta, Indonesia. METHODS a multicenter, prospective, disease registry, recruiting patients diagnosed as acutely ill medical diseases and other medical(More)
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