Cettina Barcellona

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Several privacy concerns about the massive deployment of smart meters have been arisen recently. Namely, it has been shown that the fine-grained temporal traces generated by these meters can be correlated with different users behaviors. A new architecture, called multi-party metering, for enabling privacy-preserving analysis of high-frequency metering data(More)
This paper investigates how a p2p television platform can take advantage of the presence of frequent channel viewers to grant them a more satisfying service than to less regular spectators. The idea we explore is to learn beforehand about the users' interests, in order to cluster them in groups that display different behaviors; then, the neighborhood(More)
New pervasive technologies often reveal many sensitive information about users' habits, seriously compromising the privacy and sometimes even the personal security of people. To cope with this problem, researchers have developed the idea of privacy-preserving data mining which refers to the possibility of releasing aggregate information about the data(More)
In present days, where anyone stays online nearly everywhere and everytime, it is crucial from the viewpoint of service providers to collect consumers data, so that questions such as “what kind of advertisement do they click on?”, “what do they buy online?”, “what IP-TV channels do they watch?” and “what do(More)
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