Cetin Sahin

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—We consider oblivious storage systems hiding both the contents of the data as well as access patterns from an un-trusted cloud provider. We target a scenario where multiple users from a trusted group (e.g., corporate employees) asynchronously access and edit potentially overlapping data sets through a trusted proxy mediating client-cloud communication. The(More)
—Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) is crucial for evaluating the ecological sustainability of a product or service, and the accurate evaluation of sustainability requires detailed and transparent information about industrial activities. However, such information is usually considered confidential and withheld from the public. In this paper, we present a rigorous(More)
iii To my dear family. Without you, none of this would've been possible. iv Acknowledgements I am deeply grateful to my advisor Professor Katie Byl for coming up with such a fun topic and providing me with ready-to-be-explored research questions, and the most productive, yet comfortable, laboratory environment for me. Thanks to her support, I got to enjoy(More)
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