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We consider oblivious storage systems hiding both the contents of the data as well as access patterns from an untrusted cloud provider. We target a scenario where multiple users from a trusted group (e.g., corporate employees) asynchronously access and edit potentially overlapping data sets through a trusted proxy mediating client-cloud communication. The(More)
Technology trends are not only transforming the hardware landscape of end-user devices but are also dramatically changing the types of software applications that are deployed on these devices. With the maturity of cloud computing during the past few years, users increasingly rely on networked applications that are deployed in the cloud. In particular, new(More)
With large elastic and scalable infrastructures, the Cloud is the ideal storage repository for Big Data applications. Big Data is typically characterized by three V's: Volume, Variety and Velocity. Supporting these properties raises significant challenges in a cloud setting, including partitioning for scale out; replication across data centers for(More)
Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) is crucial for evaluating the ecological sustainability of a product or service, and the accurate evaluation of sustainability requires detailed and transparent information about industrial activities. However, such information is usually considered confidential and withheld from the public. In this paper, we present a rigorous(More)
This demonstration introduces the database community to state-of-the-art cryptographic methods that ensure efficient oblivious access to cloud data. In particular, we explore oblivious storage systems which hide both the content of data and data access patterns from an untrusted cloud provider. The demo considers the popular and realistic setting where(More)
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