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OBJECTIVE To determine the factors affecting general satisfaction level of patients with the food services in a military hospital in Turkey. STUDY DESIGN The study was carried out in a military hospital providing tertiary health care services with the capacity of 1000 hospital bed. A questionnaire was used as data collection tool on measuring satisfaction(More)
The purpose of this research is to analyse the multi-item dimensionality of patients’ perceived value in hospital service. A total of 564 patients administered to Gulhane Military Medical Academy were surveyed. Sample population was specified through convenience sampling procedure. A face to face survey was conducted by three interviewers in August 2008.(More)
Job satisfaction is affected by many factors. A consistent negative correlation between Machiavellianism and Job satisfaction was shown by many previous studies. To estimate this association in a sample of Turkish people, 361 physicians were selected among the total number of 5,959 working in Ankara City Center. A self-administered questionnaire including(More)
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