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The AID/APOBECs are deaminases that act on cytosines in a diverse set of pathways and some of them have been linked to the onset of genetic alterations in cancer. Among them, APOBEC1 is the only family member to physiologically target RNA, as the catalytic subunit in the Apolipoprotein B mRNA editing complex. APOBEC1 has been linked to cancer development in(More)
Activation Induced Deaminase (AID) triggers the antigen-driven antibody diversification processes through its ability to edit DNA. AID dependent DNA damage is also the cause of genetic alterations often found in mature B cell tumors. A number of splice variants of AID have been identified, for which a role in the modulation of its activity has been(More)
Erratum During the typesetting of the final version of the article [1] some data in Table 1 have been accidentally changed. These data were correct in the provisional version of the article. A correct Table 1 is as follows: Please note that references 41 and 42 in the table legend correspond to the reference order in the original article [1]. SG: The RNA(More)
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