Cesare Bracco

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We prove that the dimension of trivariate tensor-product spline space of tri-degree (m,m,m) with maximal order of smoothness over a threedimensional domain coincides with the number of tensor-product B-spline basis functions acting effectively on the domain considered. A domain is required to belong to a certain class. This enables us to show that, for a(More)
In this paper we propose a strategy for generating consistent hierarchical T–meshes which allow local refinement and offer a way to obtain spline basis functions with highest order smoothness incrementally. We describe the required ordering of line–segments during refinement and the construction of spline basis functions. We give our strategy for generating(More)
In this paper we consider spaces of bivariate splines of bi–degree (m,n) with maximal order of smoothness over domains associated to a two–dimensional grid. We define admissible classes of domains for which suitable combinatorial technique allows us to obtain the dimension of such spline spaces and the number of tensor–product B–splines acting effectively(More)
Univariate generalized splines are smooth piecewise functions with sections in certain extended Tchebycheff spaces. They are a natural extension of univariate (algebraic) polynomial splines, and enjoy the same structural properties as their polynomial counterparts. In this paper, we consider generalized spline spaces over planar T-meshes, and we deepen(More)