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– We present a measurement study of TCPW BBE (Bandwidth and Buffer Estimations) [5] and associated path characteristics estimation techniques over large pipes. Our study addresses the accuracy of our inline estimation methods used in TCPW BBE. Buffer size, capacity, and achieved rate estimation are used in TCPW BBE. We shed some light on the accuracy and(More)
– Knowing the capacity of an Internet path is important for efficient network utilization, pricing, and management. Using the capacity information, one can provide better TCP congestion control, multimedia streaming, P2P peer selection, and overlay structuring. Capacity estimation has been extensively studied. Though current approaches have been able to(More)
The paper describes a measurement campaign carried out by the University of Bologna The aim of the experiments was the performance assessment of a wide range of TCP enhancements on network environments that include a real GEO satellite link. To this end, UoB and CNIT integrated their network tools and set up a testbed composed of a cluster of UoB Linux PCs(More)
An ambulance is the type of emergency vehicle that, in order, to accomplish its mission of transporting patients in critical condition to hospitals, they must run as fast as they can through a city streets' maze. Hence, it is necessary a real-time system that could obtain anytime ambulance location. Moreover, it should advice on the best routes based on(More)
In today’s ever-changing network, new challenges arise with the presence of various types of physical links, such as high speed, satellite, and wireless networks. The common solution is to create a new TCP algorithm that is optimized for each challenge encountered. One example of this is TCP Hybla, which was designed to tackle satellite paths. On the other(More)
Mininet is a popular container-based emulation environment built on Linux for testing Open Flow applications. Using Mininet, one can compose an experimental network using a set of virtual hosts and virtual switches with flexibility. However, it is well understood that Mininet can only provide a limited capacity, both for CPU and network I/O, due to its(More)
Experiments in real satellite testbeds are relatively rare in practice. In this paper, we are going to share our experience on using one, and comment on selected sets of results that we've conducted in such mixed Internet and GEO-Satellite environment. The selected material includes: characterization of an induced error-prone satellite channel; results from(More)
— Accurate estimation of network characteristics, such as capacity, based on non-intrusive measurements is a fundamental desire of several applications. For instance, P2P applications that build overlay networks can use path capacity for optimizing network performance. We present a simple technique to estimate end-to-end Internet paths capacity simply by(More)
As network topologies have grown in size and complexity, it is becoming a daunting task for network administrators to keep track the capacity dimensioning of newly installed web-servers within a single or multiple providers. In fact, monitor capacity dimensioning is not a trivial activity since network state changes rather frequently, in particular, in(More)