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Physical training induces beneficial adaptations; however, exhausting exercise increases reactive oxygen species generation, resulting in damage to DNA and tissues. Pequi (Caryocar brasiliense), a(More)
Lake Paranoá is a tropical reservoir for the City of Brasilia, which became eutrophic due to inadequate sewage treatment associated with intensive population growth. At present, two wastewater(More)
Poecilia reticulata were exposed to herbicide Roundup Transorb(®) for micronucleus test, nuclear abnormalities and comet assay. The exposure-concentrations were based on CL50-96 h following 0, 1.41,(More)
This study evaluated the effects of [D-Leu(1)]Microcystin-LR variants, by the exposure of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix to Microcystis aeruginosa NPLJ4. Fish was placed in aquariums and exposed to(More)
Chronic myeloid leukemia is a hematopoietic stem cell disorder that causes uncontrolled proliferation of white blood cells. Although the clinical and biological aspects are well documented, little is(More)
BACKGROUND Normal cellular metabolism is well established as the source of endogenous reactive oxygen species which account for the background levels of oxidative DNA damage detected in normal(More)
Genes have been implicated in the levels of oxidative stress, lipids, CVD risk, immune reactivity, and performance. Pequi oil (Caryocar brasiliense) has shown anti-inflammatory and hypotensive(More)