Cesar Gonzalez-Perez

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Software development methodologies may be described in the context of an underpinning metamodel, but the precise mechanisms that permit them to be defined in terms of their metamodels are usually difficult to explain and do not cover all needs. For example, it is difficult to devise a way that allows the definition of properties of the elements that compose(More)
Metamodelling provides a way of modelling the rules underpinning not only modelling languages such as UML but also processes. In the context of object-oriented development, we evaluate the conceptual framework used to reason about metamodelling from the different perspectives of methodologist, method engineer and software developer. We propose the use of(More)
Two main candidates for the atomic element to be used in situational method engineering (SME) have been proposed: the "method fragment" and the "method chunk". These are examined here in terms of their conceptual integrity and in terms of how they may be used in method construction. Also, parallels are drawn between the two approaches. Secondly, the idea of(More)
Powertypes constitute an advanced OO modelling mechanism that is usually utilized in the form of a specific pattern. Stereotypes comprise the basic customization and extension mechanism in UML, and are also used following a certain pattern. Although different in purpose, these two patterns present some interesting similarities and are shown here to become(More)
Although the Method Engineering (ME) research community has reached considerable maturity, it has not yet been able to agree on the granularity and definition of the configurable parts of methods. This state of affairs is causing unnecessary confusion, especially with an ever increasing number of people contributing to ME research. There are several(More)
In some areas of software engineering research, there are several metamodels claiming to capture the main issues. Though it is profitable to have variety at the beginning of a research field, after some time, the diversity of metamodels becomes an obstacle, for instance to the sharing of results between research groups. To reach consensus and unification of(More)