Cesar E. Chialvo

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When a low-energy electron is incident on an interface between a metal and superconductor, it causes the injection of a Cooper pair into the superconductor and the generation of a hole that reflects back into the metal—a process known as Andreev reflection. In confined geometries, this process can give rise to discrete Andreev bound states (ABS), which can(More)
and their integration into field effect transistors Sakulsuk Unarunotai, Yuya Murata, Cesar E. Chialvo, Hoon-sik Kim, Scott MacLaren, Nadya Mason, Ivan Petrov, and John A. Rogers Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 505 South Mathews Avenue, Urbana, Illinois 61801, USA Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, University(More)
Here we report a technique for transferring graphene layers, one by one, from a multilayer deposit formed by epitaxial growth on the Si-terminated face of a 6H-SiC substrate. The procedure uses a bilayer film of palladium/polyimide deposited onto the graphene coated SiC, which is then mechanically peeled away and placed on a target substrate. Orthogonal(More)
We report measurements of magnetoresistance in single-layer graphene as a function of gate voltage (carrier density) at 250 mK. By examining signatures of weak localization (WL) and universal conductance fluctuations (UCF), we find a consistent picture of phase coherence loss due to electron-electron interactions. The gate dependence of the elastic(More)
Monolayer membranes of conjugated carbon represent a class of nanomaterial with demonstrated uses in various areas of electronics, ranging from transparent, flexible, and stretchable thin film conductors, to semiconducting materials in moderate and high-performance field-effect transistors. Although graphene represents the most prominent example, many other(More)
We report measurements of magnetoresistance in bilayer graphene as a function of gate voltage (carrier density) and temperature.We examinemultiple contributions to themagnetoresistance, including those of weak localization (WL), universal conductance fluctuations (UCF), and inhomogeneous charge transport. A clear WL signal is evident at all measured gate(More)
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