Cesar E Chialvo

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G raphene 1 currently lies at the center of one of the most active fields of research in science and engineering , due to its exotic physics, 2Ϫ4 to interesting challenges in its growth and, most importantly, to its promise for use in electronic systems of the future. 5,6 The most widely explored form of graphene is obtained in small pieces, in a poorly(More)
This letter presents a simple method for transferring epitaxial sheets of graphene on silicon carbide to other substrates. The graphene was grown on the ͑0001͒ face of 6H-SiC by thermal annealing at 1550 ° C in a hydrogen atmosphere. Transfer was accomplished using a peeling process with a bilayer film of gold/polyimide, to yield graphene with square(More)
Monolayer membranes of conjugated carbon represent a class of nanomaterial with demonstrated uses in various areas of electronics, ranging from transparent, flexible, and stretchable thin film conductors, to semiconducting materials in moderate and high-performance field-effect transistors. Although graphene represents the most prominent example, many other(More)
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