Cesar Cadena

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—Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) consists in the concurrent construction of a representation of the environment (the map), and the estimation of the state of the robot moving within it. The SLAM community has made astonishing progress over the last 30 years, enabling large-scale real-world applications, and witnessing a steady transition of(More)
Odometry Semantic segm. Object 1 Object n. .. time Fig. 1: Proposed system in this paper. The semantic segmentation (SS) thread is used to improve the performance of any specific object detector which itself feedback to SS the detected object to improve the generic object class with this new evidence. Any number of different object detectors can be turned(More)
—We explore the capabilities of Auto-Encoders to fuse the information available from cameras and depth sensors, and to reconstruct missing data, for scene understanding tasks. In particular we consider three input modalities: RGB images; depth images; and semantic label information. We seek to generate complete scene segmentations and depth maps, given(More)
— Learning from demonstration for motion planning is an ongoing research topic. In this paper we present a model that is able to learn the complex mapping from raw 2D-laser range findings and a target position to the required steering commands for the robot. To our best knowledge, this work presents the first approach that learns a target-oriented(More)
— Loop-closure detection on 3D data is a challenging task that has been commonly approached by adapting image-based solutions. Methods based on local features suffer from ambiguity and from robustness to environment changes while methods based on global features are viewpoint dependent. We propose SegMatch, a reliable loop-closure detection algorithm based(More)