Cesar Antonio Aguilar

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In this paper we propose a method to exploit analytical definitions extracted from Spanish corpora, in order to build a lexical network based on the hy-ponymy/hyperonymy, part/whole and attribution relations. Our method considers the following steps: (a) the recognition and extraction of defini-tional contexts from specialized documents, (b) the(More)
We expose a method for extracting hyponyms and hypernyms from analytical definitions, focusing on the relation observed between hypernyms and relational adjectives (e.g., cardiovascular disease). These adjectives introduce a set of specialized features according to a categorization proper to a particular knowledge domain. For detecting these sequences of(More)
In this paper we show a general advance about the desgin of a methodology for extracting definitional contexts from corpus of biomedicine in Spanish, taking into account a set of processes performed by the following modules: (i) a term extractor based in a hybrid method, (ii) a set of verbs that configure the syntactic structure of a definitional context,(More)
In this article we present an ongoing work for extracting conceptual information from specialized-domain texts. Concepts are forms of dividing the world in classes and they are the fundamental pieces for constructing ontologies. In this sense, ontology learning is the (semi-) automatic support for constructing an on-tology. Input data are required for the(More)
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