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We compared the efficacy and tolerance of the combination of nortriptyline-fluphenazine (NF) vs. carbamazepine (CMZ) in the symptomatic therapy of patients with severe, distal, symmetrical, predominantly sensitive diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN). We followed a double blind, crossover, randomized and double placebo design. Sixteen patients with severe DPN(More)
Species delimitation studies based on integrative taxonomic approaches have received considerable attention in the last few years, and have provided the strongest hypotheses of species boundaries. We used three lines of evidence (molecular, morphological, and niche envelopes) to test for species boundaries in Peruvian populations of the Liolaemus walkeri(More)
An integrative taxonomic analysis used to identify a new population of Bronchocela from Phuket Island, Thailand indicates it is conspecific with B. rayaensis from the Langkawi Archipelago of northwestern Peninsular Malaysia. An additional specimen photographed from Khura Buri District, Phang-nga Province is also considered to be B. rayaensis and represents(More)
The apolipoprotein E4 allele is associated in industrialized countries with an elevated LDL cholesterol concentration and an increased cardiovascular risk. Our purpose in this study was to assess the influence of the genetic variation at the APOE gene locus on the lipid profile of a Native American rural population. We examined plasma lipid levels and the(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate in an open population the incidence and risk factors of biguanide related lactic acidosis. All patients currently treated in the Department of Diabetes and Lipid Metabolism of the Instituto Nacional de la Nutrición and their records were reviewed for the present use or history of administration of biguanides. The(More)
In this paper we propose a method to exploit analytical definitions extracted from Spanish corpora, in order to build a lexical network based on the hy-ponymy/hyperonymy, part/whole and attribution relations. Our method considers the following steps: (a) the recognition and extraction of defini-tional contexts from specialized documents, (b) the(More)
We expose a method for extracting hyponyms and hypernyms from analytical definitions, focusing on the relation observed between hypernyms and relational adjectives (e.g., cardiovascular disease). These adjectives introduce a set of specialized features according to a categorization proper to a particular knowledge domain. For detecting these sequences of(More)
In this paper we present a method for automatically extracting definitional contexts from restricted domains in Spanish. Definitional contexts are textual fragments where there is an implicit definition that can be identified by taking into account verbal patterns linking a term and its corresponding definition. Our interest is in definitional contexts with(More)