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The practice of engineering biology now depends on the ad hoc reuse of genetic elements whose precise activities vary across changing contexts. Methods are lacking for researchers to affordably coordinate the quantification and analysis of part performance across varied environments, as needed to identify, evaluate and improve problematic part types. We(More)
The re-use of previously validated designs is critical to the evolution of synthetic biology from a research discipline to an engineering practice. Here we describe the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL), a proposed data standard for exchanging designs within the synthetic biology community. SBOL represents synthetic biology designs in a(More)
We have created the Knowledgebase of Standard Biological Parts (SBPkb) as a publically accessible Semantic Web resource for synthetic biology (sbolstandard.org). The SBPkb allows researchers to query and retrieve standard biological parts for research and use in synthetic biology. Its initial version includes all of the information about parts stored in the(More)
1. Purpose In this BioBricks Foundation Request for Comments (BBF RFC), we specify the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Version 1.1.0 to enable the electronic exchange of information describing DNA components used in synthetic biology. We define: 1. the vocabulary, a set of preferred terms and 2. the core data model, a common computational(More)
Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Visual is a graphical standard for genetic engineering. It consists of symbols representing DNA subsequences, including regulatory elements and DNA assembly features. These symbols can be used to draw illustrations for communication and instruction, and as image assets for computer-aided design. SBOL Visual is a(More)
1. Purpose In this BioBricks Foundation Request for Comments (BBF RFC), we specify the Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual standard (SBOL Visual) to enable consistent, human-readable depiction of genetic designs. The Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOL Visual) project is an effort to create an open-source graphical notation to support the(More)
FBXW7 acts as a tumor suppressor through ubiquitination and degradation of multiple oncoproteins. Loss of FBXW7 expression, which could be partially attributed by the genomic deletion or mutation of FBXW7 locus, is frequently observed in various human cancers. However, the mechanisms regulating FBXW7 expression still remain poorly understood. Here we(More)
Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOLv) is a graphical notation that supports biological device development. It provides a formal notation for describing the physical composition of basic parts into composite parts during the development of biological devices. It is targeted for use by biological engineers in forward engineering projects. It(More)
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