Cesar A. Limones-Pozos

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Transformerless inverters have change the way to connect a photovoltaic (PV) system to the electrical grid, due to their excellent performance in the energy conversion process. Nowadays, there are many different topologies for this kind of systems, that most have three main characteristics; high efficiency, constant common mode voltage and small size.(More)
This paper presents the modeling and control of a DC-DC buck converter with reduced output ripple which is achieved without additional switching devices. The converter results from replacing the LC output network in a conventional buck converter for an LCL network which is proposed to be implemented by using coupled inductors. Low output ripple is required(More)
This paper presents the modeling and control processes of the single-phase cascade H-bridge multilevel converter used as a shunt active filter. Based on the obtained model, a controller is proposed to compensate for harmonic distortion and reactive power caused by a nonlinear load. These issues are solved by guaranteeing tracking of the line current toward(More)
In recent years, photovoltaic systems designers have been started to pay attention in transformerless multilevel inverter topologies. This is due to they possess several advantages, such as, high efficiency, good performance, multiple voltage output levels and small size. In order to meet the safety requirement for transformerless grid-tied photovoltaic(More)
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