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Microaerobic alternative of anaerobic digestion offers many advantages especially when sulfide concentration in the digester is high. For better understanding of the microaerobic technology more detailed characterization of biomass activity is needed. Two equal digesters were operated under the same condition except of microaeration in one of them. During(More)
The vertebrates deal with visual stimuli with a broad range of intensity values. To enable these organisms to respond to this wide range of intensities there must be some mechanism capable of compressing the sensory signals at the retina [1]. It has been hypothesized that the wide dynamic range of the retina is due to electrical coupling of retinal ganglion(More)
Biogas, digested sludge and sludge liquor are the main products of anaerobic sludge digestion. Each of the products is influenced significantly by specific conditions of the digestion process. Therefore, any upgrade of the digestion technology must be considered with regard to quality changes in all products. Microaeration is one of the methods used for the(More)
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