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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the postoperative outcomes of patients in the Department of General Surgery, University Hospital Julio Muller, before and after implementation of the ACERTO multimodal protocol.(More)
OBJECTIVE Anastomotic leakage is one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality in gastrointestinal surgery. We investigated the effect of oral glutamine on the healing of high-output(More)
CONTEXT The addition of glutamine in preoperative drinks may enhance the benefits of carbohydrate alone. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the gastric residual volume after the intake of a beverage containing(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect chronic stress in newborn rats on the progression of ligature-induced-periodontitis in adulthood. METHODS Ten couples of adult Wistar rats were selected for(More)
PURPOSE: To compare experimentally, the healing of cervical oesophageal anastomoses performed either with stapler or 2-layer hand-sewn sutures. METHODS: Thirty six dogs were randomised to two groups:(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged preoperative fasting increases insulin resistance (IR). The authors investigated whether an abbreviated preoperative fast with glutamine (GLN) plus a carbohydrate (CHO)-based(More)