Cerstin Mahlow

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—We present a morphological analyzer for Spanish called SMM. SMM is implemented in the grammar development framework Malaga, which is based on the formalism of Left-Associative Grammar. We briefly present the Malaga framework, describe the implementation decisions for some interesting morphological phenomena of Spanish, and report on the evaluation results(More)
In this paper we compare the state of the art of language awareness in source code editors and word processors. Language awareness refers to functions operating on the elements and structures of a formal or natural language. Language-aware functions allow users to work with meaningful units, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. While all modern source(More)
Research on differencing and versioning in computer science, writing research, and scholarly editing are all concerned with the evolution of texts and documents through various drafts, versions, and changes between different stages. While the different disciplines all have their own perspectives, on closer inspection, there is a large overlap of concerns.(More)
A key difference between traditional humanities research and the emerging field of digital humanities is that the latter aims to complement qualitative methods with quantitative data. In linguistics, this means the use of large corpora of text, which are usually annotated automatically using natural language processing tools. However, these tools do not(More)