Cerian E. Jones

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IP traceback could also be a name given to any methodology for reliably determining the origin of a packet on the net. Because of trusting nature of the IP protocol, the source IP address of a packet is not authenticated. As a result, the source address in an IP packet can be fake allowing for Denial Of Service attacks (DoS) or one-way attacks. IP Traceback(More)
Denial of service is one of the most common threats on the public open networks like Internet which taken up by spoofing in the IP address source and leads to exploit the system resources. This results in a decline in the system performance and normal response. In this paper, the traceback to intruder approach by ant colony algorithm will be applied. And(More)
Habitat and environmental monitoring are driving applications for wireless sensor network. In this paper we present a performance evaluation of Zigbee which is IEEE 802.15.4 standard, focusing on energy required for sending and receiving uplink packets and hence battery lifetime. We analyzed the performance based on these two metrics. The analytical and(More)
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