Ceri Margerison

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Horizon scanning identifies emerging issues in a given field sufficiently early to conduct research to inform policy and practice. Our group of horizon scanners, including academics and researchers, convened to identify fifteen nascent issues that could affect the conservation of biological diversity. These include the impacts of and potential human(More)
A better, more effective dialogue is needed between biodiversity science and policy to underpin the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity. Many initiatives exist to improve communication, but these largely conform to a ‘linear’ or technocratic model of communication in which scientific “facts” are transmitted directly to policy advisers to “solve(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to compare data on the employment profiles (such as grade, place of work, etc.) of male and female clinical academics. METHODS We carried out a comparative review of workforce data within academic medicine for 2004 and 2005, pertaining to the workforce in all specialties in UK medical schools. RESULTS We identified 3255 and(More)
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