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To complement the evidence-based practice paradigm, the authors argued for a core outcome measure to provide practice-based evidence for the psychological therapies. Utility requires instruments that are acceptable scientifically, as well as to service users, and a coordinated implementation of the measure at a national level. The development of the(More)
The Crown-Crisp Experiential Index (CCEI) was designed as a measure of neurotic symptomatology. The tendency has been to report upon its six separate scales and to ignore the total score. We report on the use of the CCEI in a detailed interview study of 208 40-49-year-old women from a local community and 40 patients of the same age range and sex from a(More)
The neuropeptide galanin (GAL) is widely expressed in the central nervous system. Animal studies have implicated GAL in alcohol abuse and anxiety: chronic ethanol intake increases hypothalamic GAL mRNA; high levels of stress increase GAL release in the central amygdala. The coding sequence of the galanin gene, GAL, is highly conserved and a functional(More)
The authors investigated factors that may determine whether perpetrators of violent crime develop intrusive memories of their offense. Of 105 young offenders who were convicted of killing or seriously harming others, 46% reported distressing intrusive memories, and 6% had posttraumatic stress disorder. Intrusions were associated with lower antisocial(More)
The neuropeptide galanin is widely expressed in the periphery and the central nervous system and mediates diverse physiological processes and behaviors including alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety. Four genes encoding galanin and its receptors have been identified (GAL, GALR1, GALR2 and GALR3). Recently we found that GAL haplotypes were associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Simultaneous diagnosis of more than one personality disorder (PD) has been termed 'comorbidity' or 'co-occurrence' implying that single diagnoses are the norm and multiple diagnoses interesting exceptions. Surveys of PD subjects in fact show 1.5-5.6 diagnoses per subject. Our study explores the hypothesis that multiple PD diagnosis is common and(More)
A replication of an American study of body shape preference was conducted in a group of 218 Arab students attending the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Arab female students felt their ideal shape to be significantly thinner than their current shape, while male students did not. Hence the appraisal of body shape shows gender differences in Egypt(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement is the foundation of evidence-based practice. Advances in measurement procedures should extend to psychotherapy practice. AIMS To review the developments in measurement relevant to psychotherapy. METHOD Domains reviewed are: (a) interventions; (b) case formulation; (c) treatment integrity; (d) performance (including adherence,(More)
Personality disordered patients are important as they place high continuing demands on services and are often refractory to traditional treatments. Often personality disorders may co-exist with neurotic symptomatology, worsening prognosis of the latter. This paper reports change in neurotic symptomatology following intensive, long term, therapeutic(More)
The effects of solo singing, choral singing and swimming on mood and physiological indices were compared. Engaging in these activities reduced tense arousal and increased energetic arousal, positive hedonic tone and heart rate. Effects were greater for swimming than for singing, with little difference between choral and solo singing. Possible mechanisms and(More)