Ceri Chapman

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The Hera mission is a proposed Discovery class mission to collect three samples from each of three near-Earth asteroids. Returned samples would have information on geological context and possibly stratigraphy, would provide fresh regolith, and conceivably samples that would not naturally reach the Earth. During the development of a simple touch-and-go(More)
In urban high-density areas, litter has become an increasingly obvious and pervasive problem. In the present study, repeated measures of the amount of litter on randomly selected yards in an urban low-income housing project were used to evaluate the effectiveness of a series of anti-litter procedures directed at the children residing in the project. Paying(More)
Considered was the scattering of a particle of charge q and mass m in a uniform magnetic field by the Coulomb potential of a charge Q fixed at the origin. The scattering was described quantummechanically by a formalism in which the presence of the magnetic field was incorporated as the dominant and controlling factor. Also incorporated was the facility for(More)
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