Cephas Asare

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BACKGROUND Herbal remedies of Adenia cissampeloides, Terminalia ivorensis, and Elaeis guineensis among others have been used in Ghana for the treatment of various ailments including malaria. However, most of these remedies have not been scientifically investigated. OBJECTIVE This study, therefore, seeks to investigate the anti-plasmodial activity of these(More)
In order to achieve sustainable fishing livelihoods in coastal communities, data on profitability of small-scale fisheries relative to fish species hauled and gear types used by fishermen is required as part of a broader fisheries management strategy. This study was undertaken with this in mind. Interviews were conducted among 60 fishermen between February(More)
We applied a rapid assessment methodology to estimate the degree of human impact on exposed sandy beaches in Ghana using ghost crabs as ecological indicators. The use of ghost crab burrow density and size ranges of the burrows as ecological indicators to assess extent of anthropogenic impacts on beaches was explored in this study. For each site, three(More)
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