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The most common cause of intraperitoneal adhesions which may result in infertility and intestinal obstruction is previous abdominal surgery. Surgical trauma of the peritoneum in the absence of infection elicits a rapid and transient influx of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) into the peritoneal cavity. The role of neutrophils in intraperitoneal adhesion(More)
Giant cell hepatitis (GCH) encompasses a group of disorders with varying clinical presentations, etiological factors, and histological findings [1]. When found in adults it is called “postinfantile giant cell hepatitis (PGCH) [2]; this clinical picture is so rare that only about 100 cases have been reported in the English literature in the last 20 years.(More)
Lymphangiomatosis of the spleen with diffuse lymphangiomatosis of the bone is extremely rare and there is no consensus about management at present. Here, the authors report a child presenting initially with back pain and diagnosed as lymphangiomatosis on several sites throughout the bony structures and the spleen. The patient is in a stable state at the end(More)
OBJECTIVES An association between congenital hepatic fibrosis (CHF) and several different conditions is being increasingly recognized. We aimed to investigate, prospectively, these associated disorders and the clinical consequences for patients with CHF. MATERIALS AND METHODS CHF was diagnosed using liver biopsy, abdominal ultrasound (US), Doppler US,(More)
A 48-year-old male patient had two episodes of fever, headache, confusion and seizures following an upper respiratory tract infection. Electroencephalography (EEG) revealed diffuse slowing of background activity. Plasma free carnitine and serum lipid levels were low; fecal fat content and serum antigliadin antibodies were elevated. Duodenal biopsy was(More)
Amanita phalloides is a deadly wild mushroom causing severe damage in man ranging from diarrhea to organ dysfunction. If not treated, mortality is as high as 80%. Treatment includes supportive measures, inactivation of the toxin and if liver failure occurs liver transplantation. The indications for transplantation are debatable.
Liver is involved in about 5-8% of newly diagnosed Hodgkin's disease (HD) cases. The incidence reaches up to 50-60% in postmortem studies. In the literature only a few cases of idiopathic cholestatic jaundice have been described without an apparent cause and a paraneoplastic etiology has been suggested. We report 2 cases with HD presenting with obstructive(More)
Adult-onset Still's disease is a rare systemic inflammatory disease, which is characterized by varying degrees of liver involvement. Herein we present a rare case of pregnancy onset adult onset Still's disease with severe acute liver disease which worsened after labor. The patient was successfully managed with medical treatment preventing acute liver(More)
Nodular gastritis (NG) is an unusual type of gastritis in children and it is frequently found in association with Helicobacter pylori infection (1). On the other hand, data on antral nodularity in adults are sparse. NG is not classified as endoscopic gastritis according to the Sydney classification system but it is increasingly used as a descriptive term(More)