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Catering is the act of providing food and services or it may be defined as preparing or providing food for someone else to serve; or preparing, delivering and serving food at the premises of another person or event. The aim of this paper is to provide an analytical tool to select the best catering firm providing the most customer satisfaction. The customers(More)
A decision to invest in new manufacturing enabling technologies supporting computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) must include non-quantifiable, intangible benefits to the organization in meeting its strategic goals. Therefore, use of tactical level, purely economic, evaluation methods normally result in the rejection of strategically vital automation(More)
Projects are critical to the realization of performing organization's strategies. Each project contains some degree of risk and it is required to be aware of these risks and to develop the necessary responses to get the desired level of project success. Because projects' risks are multi-dimensional, they must be evaluated by using multi-attribute(More)
Keywords: Supply chain Demand forecasting Fuzzy inference systems Neural networks a b s t r a c t An organization has to make the right decisions in time depending on demand information to enhance the commercial competitive advantage in a constantly fluctuating business environment. Therefore, estimating the demand quantity for the next period most likely(More)
In both the quality improvement and the design of a product, the engineering characteristics affecting product performance are primarily identified and improved to optimize customer needs (CNs). Especially, the limited resources and increased market competition and product complexity require a customer-driven quality management and product development(More)