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Actinobacteria are widely distributed in the marine environment. To date, few studies have been performed to explore the coral-associated Actinobacteria, and little is known about the diversity of coral-associated Actinobacteria. In this study, the actinobacterial diversity associated with one soft coral Alcyonium gracllimum and one stony coral Tubastraea(More)
A nickel-catalyzed arylation at the carbon center of o-carborane cages has been developed, thus leading to the preparation of a series of 1-aryl-o-carboranes and 1,2-diaryl-o-carboranes in high yields upon isolation. This method represents the first example of transition metal catalyzed C,C'-diarylation by cross-coupling reactions of o-carboranyl with aryl(More)
Direct nucleophilic substitution reaction of cage B-H bonds of o-carboranes by Grignard reagents in the absence of any transition metals has been achieved for the first time, and leads to the regioselective synthesis of a series of 4-alkyl-1,2-diaryl-o-carboranes in very high yields. The presence of two electron-withdrawing aryl groups on the cage carbon(More)
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