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OBJECTIVE The aim of our study is to compare the effect of ketamine-propofol mixture (ketofol) and propofol on the laryngeal tube-Suction II (LTS II) insertion conditions and hemodynamics. METHODS Eighty American Society of Anesthesiologists class 1 and 2 patients were divided into 2 random groups to receive either 1 µg/kg remifentanil and propofol 2(More)
Apelin is a novel bioactive peptide as the endogenous ligand for APJ. Apelin and APJ have also been identified in the testis, hypothalamic nuclei such as arcuate, supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei, implicating roles in the control of reproduction. Therefore, the present study was designed to investigate the effects of chronic central infusion of(More)
Irisin, a novel exercise-induced myokine, has attracted attention with its effects on energy metabolism. This study was conducted to determine the possible effects of irisin on nutritional behaviour. In this study, 40 male Wistar Albino rats were separated into 4 groups (n=10 for each group). Osmotic mini-pumps were connected to metal cannulas implanted to(More)
AIM Medical data mining (also called knowledge discovery process in medicine) processes for extracting patterns from large datasets. In the current study, we intend to assess different medical data mining approaches to predict ischemic stroke. MATERIALS AND METHODS The collected dataset from Turgut Ozal Medical Centre, Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey,(More)
Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma (MM) is a fatal disease that has been associated with asbestos exposure. Differential diagnosis between the pleural infiltration of pulmonary carcinomas and MM is rather difficult particularly for epitheloid type mesothelioma.We aimed to investigate the utility of CD90, a cancer stem cell marker, in the differential diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the effects of a subanesthetic dose of ketamine, which was administered as an adjunct to sevoflurane, on duration of seizure activity, hemodynamic profile, and recovery times during electroconvulsive therapy in patients with major depression. METHODS Patients were randomly allocated to a group receiving either sevoflurane-ketamine(More)
OBJECTIVE Stroke is a prominent life-threatening disease in the world. The current study was performed to predict the outcome of stroke using knowledge discovery process (KDP) methods, artificial neural networks (ANN) and support vector machine (SVM) models. MATERIALS AND METHODS The records of 297 (130 sick and 167 healthy) individuals were acquired from(More)
Free iron leads to the formation of pro-oxidant reactive oxygen species (ROS). Humic acids (HAs) enhance permeability of cellular wall and act as a chelator through electron transferring. This study was designed to test chelator effect of HA on iron as well as its anti-oxidant effect against the iron-induced hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. The rats used(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared the effects of 2 sedative drugs, dexmedetomidine and midazolam, on motor performance and analgesic efficacy in a rat model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rats were randomly divided into the following 4 groups on the basis of the treatment received. The first group received 83 µg/kg/min midazolam; the second, 1 µg/kg/min dexmedetomidine; the(More)