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An investigation of the role of justice in turnover intentions, job satisfaction, and organizational citizenship behavior in hospitality industry.
Abstract The relationship of organizational justice perceptions of hotel employees in North Cyprus with various work-related variables was investigated. A total of 208 employees and their managersExpand
Recruitment and training policies and practices: The case of Turkey as an EU candidate
Purpose – To provide information on differences between recruitment methods and training practices used in SMEs and large organizations in Turkey, as a representative of a developingExpand
Using job embeddedness factors to explain voluntary turnover in four European countries
The aging of the European workforce coupled with existing deficits of skilled workers in vital sectors (e.g., information and communication technology) make the attraction and retention of skilledExpand
Firm size and recruitment: staffing practices in small and large organisations in north Cyprus
This paper investigates the differences between staffing methods used in small and large organisations in north Cyprus. Possible reasons for small organisations preferring some methods over othersExpand
Coaching and employee organizational citizenship behaviours: The role of procedural justice climate
Abstract This study investigates how the level of procedural justice climate (PJC) in a group may reduce or increase the impact of coaching behaviour of department managers on the organizationalExpand
The process of choosing a management career: Evaluation of gender and contextual dynamics in a comparative study of six countries: Hungary, Israel, North Cyprus, Turkey, UK and the USA
Purpose – The aim of this article is to identify the reasons MBA students have for their career choices, and to explore the contextual and gender‐related aspects of career choice and development,Expand
Manager mindsets and employee organizational citizenship behaviours
Purpose This study aims to investigate how hotel managers with incremental mindsets influence the organisational citizenship behaviours (OCBs) of their subordinates through the process ofExpand
Workplace bullying, psychological distress, resilience, mindfulness, and emotional exhaustion
ABSTRACT The present study proposes and tests a moderated mediation model investigating the direct and mediated effect of workplace bullying on employee emotional exhaustion via psychologicalExpand
Cognitive Styles and Learning Preferences of Undergraduate Business Students in North Cyprus
  • Cem Tanova
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychological reports
  • 1 December 2003
Students with analytical cognitive styles were more likely to prefer teacher-dependent and collaborative learning settings and students who had completed more credits towards the completion of their degrees had a higher mean score. Expand
What Factors Influence Employee Service Recovery Performance and What Are the Consequences in Health Care?
Although empowerment and role clarity were positively related to service recovery performance, perceived managerial attitudes toward hospital customer service, teamwork, and customer service-oriented training as indicators of workplace support were not related to frontline employees' serviceovery performance. Expand