Cem M. Baydar

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Automated assembly systems often stop their operation due to the unexpected failures occurred during their assembly process. Since these large-scale systems are composed of many parameters, it is dif®cult to anticipate all possible types of errors with their likelihood of occurrence. Several systems were developed in the literature, focussing on on-line(More)
Large-scale automated assembly systems are widely used in automotive , aerospace and consumer electronics industries to obtain high quality products in less time. However, one disadvantage of these automated systems is that they are composed of too many working parameters. Since it is not possible to monitor all these parameters during the assembly process,(More)
The ever-increasing competition in retail industry puts pressure on retailers to deal with their customers more efficiently. Currently most companies use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to maximize the customer satisfaction level by trying to understand more about their behaviors. However, one disadvantage of the current approaches is that(More)
Automated assembly lines are subject to unexpected failures, which can cause costly shutdowns. Generally, these errors are handled by human experts or logic controllers. However, these controller codes are based on anticipated error scenarios and are deficient in dealing with unforeseen situations. In our previous work (Baydar and Saitou, 2000a), an(More)
In this paper, the advantages and performance of genetic programming in use of error recovery planning in robotic assembly systems is discussed. Existing systems use polynomial time planning techniques or heuristics to produce error recovery plans. However, these systems require translation of the generated plans to working controller codes. An alternative(More)
Unexpected failures are one of the most important problems, which cause costly shutdowns in an assembly line. Generally the recovery process is done by the experts or automated error recovery logic controllers embedded in the system. The previous work in the literature is focused on the " on-line " recovery of the assembly lines which makes the process,(More)
The Columns letters software corner announcements CIGPU at WCCI-2008 calls & calendar EDITORIAL Editorial I always feel energized after GECCO. There are so many interesting tutorials and so many interesting presentations that, as soon as I am back home, I feel the urge to start working right away. GECCO is truly an invaluable source of inspiration. This(More)