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The aim of functional septorhinoplasty is to create an esthetically elegant nose and harmony in the face by preserving nasal function as well as maintaining or restoring adequate airway. Since nasal complaints are usually subjective, it may be difficult to evaluate the functions objectively. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the alterations in(More)
Incomplete partition-type III anomaly (X-linked deformity) is no common finding in a prospective candidate for cochlear implantation. In this paper, the problems about the cochlear implantation in cases with incomplete partition-type III anomaly (X-linked deformity) and profound sensorineural hearing loss is discussed. High-resolution multidedector computed(More)
We investigated the problems affecting functional outcomes of near-total laryngectomy and their solutions. A retrospective analysis about complications (i.e., aspiration, pharyngocutenous fistula, shunt stenosis, etc.) that affect postoperative functions was made by using the medical records of 23 male patients (mean age: 56.6, range: 35 to 72 years) who(More)
Phototherapy, using a combination of UV-A (25%), UV-B (5%) and visible light (70%), is known to be affective in suppressing the clinical symptoms of allergic rhinitis significantly. It has also been shown that phototherapy locally reduces the number of inflammatory cells and the level of mediators. We aimed to investigate the efficacy of phototherapy in(More)
Aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of sublingual-oral immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis induced by various allergens and to demonstrate its effects using objective methods such as skin prick tests and specific IgE analysis. The first 100 patients diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and treated with sublingual-oral immunotherapy took part(More)
OBJECTIVE The incidence of thyroid gland invasion in patients with advanced laryngeal cancer was reported to be 0-50%. However there is a controversy in necessity and extent of routine thyroidectomy in these patients due to the difficulty in diagnosis of tumor invasion to thyroid gland and the risk of possible postoperative hypothyroidism and hypocalcemia.(More)
Maxillary sinus mucoceles account for less than 10% of all paranasal sinus mucoceles. They are reported mostly as long-term sequelae of Caldwell-Luc operations. Orbital involvement is an extremely rare condition that might result in orbital complications. A 43-year-old woman presented to the ophthalmology department with progressive ophthalmologic(More)
OBJECTIVES It was intended to compare various characteristics of phonation obtained in cases who underwent near-total laryngectomy (NTL) and frontolateral laryngectomy (FLL). STUDY DESIGN The study included 29 male cases, 9 of whom underwent NTL, 10 of whom underwent FLL and 10 who had normal laryngeal speech. All cases were evaluated and compared(More)
Dermoid cysts of the middle ear are very rare and can develop behind an intact tympanic membrane, just like congenital cholesteatoma. The visual and clinical symptoms of congenital cholesteatomas and dermoid cysts are difficult to distinguish from each other. Their treatments are similar, however the correct diagnosis can be obtained histopathologically(More)
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