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MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks: a survey
Wireless sensor networks are appealing to researchers due to their wide range of application potential in areas such as target detection and tracking, environmental monitoring, industrial processExpand
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Wireless sensor networks for healthcare: A survey
Becoming mature enough to be used for improving the quality of life, wireless sensor network technologies are considered as one of the key research areas in computer science and healthcareExpand
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Multiple sink network design problem in large scale wireless sensor networks
  • E. Oyman, Cem Ersoy
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications…
  • 20 June 2004
The battery resource of the sensor nodes should be managed efficiently, in order to prolong network lifetime in wireless sensor networks. Moreover, in large-scale networks with a large number ofExpand
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QoS-aware MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks: A survey
The adoption of wireless sensor networks by applications that require complex operations, ranging from health care to industrial monitoring, has brought forward a new challenge of fulfilling theExpand
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ARAS human activity datasets in multiple homes with multiple residents
The real world human activity datasets are of great importance in development of novel machine learning methods for automatic recognition of human activities in smart environments. In this study, weExpand
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EdgeCloudSim: An environment for performance evaluation of Edge Computing systems
Edge Computing is a fast growing field of research covering a spectrum of technologies such as Cloudlets, Fog Computing and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). Edge Computing involves technically moreExpand
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Distributed Mobile Sink Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
The concentration of data traffic towards the sink in a wireless sensor network causes the nearby nodes to deplete their batteries quicker than other nodes, which leaves the sink stranded andExpand
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Online Human Activity Recognition on Smart Phones
This paper analyzes the performance of different classification methods for online activity recognition on smart phones using the built-in accelerometers. First, we evaluate the performance ofExpand
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How Can Edge Computing Benefit From Software-Defined Networking: A Survey, Use Cases, and Future Directions
A novel paradigm that changes the scene for the modern communication and computation systems is the Edge Computing. It is not a coincidence that terms like Mobile Cloud Computing, Cloudlets, FogExpand
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Wake-up receivers for wireless sensor networks: benefits and challenges
For successful data delivery, the destination nodes should be listening to the medium to receive data when the sender node starts data communication. To achieve this synchronization, there areExpand
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