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Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) aims to identify the constituents of a sentence, together with their roles with respect to the sentence predicates. In this paper, we introduce and assess the idea of using SRL on generic Multi-Document Summarization (MDS). We score sentences according to their inclusion of frequent semantic phrases and form the summary using(More)
Keyword search is a popular technique which allows querying multiple data sources on the web without having full knowledge of their structure. This flexibility comes with a drawback: usually, even though a large number of results match the user’s request only few of them are relevant to her intent. Since data on the web are often in tree-structured form,(More)
Multi-source web news portals provide various advantages such as richness in news content and an opportunity to follow developments from different perspectives. However, in such environments, news variety and quantity can have an overwhelming effect. New event detection and topic tracking studies address this problem. They examine news streams and organize(More)
Keyword search is a popular technique for searching tree-structured data on the Web because it frees the user from knowing a complex query language and the structure of the data sources. However, the imprecision of the keyword queries usually results in a very large number of results of which only a few are relevant to the query. Multiple previous(More)
  • Cem Aksoy, Bahri Türel, +9 authors Volkan Yazıcı
  • 2009
Gaming applications can be considered as one of the complex applications in software development. This is because for developing gaming applications we have to deal with many different concerns. Traditionally, gaming applications are developed using general purpose or specific languages that cannot modularize these concerns with their proposed abstraction(More)