Celso Pascoli Bottura

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It is proposed an approach for adaptive neural-based backstepping control for uncertain MIMO nonlinear systems that uses two neural networks in each backstepping design step. This leads to a more straightforward implementation when compared to methodologies that employ just one NN in each design step, as the neural networks inputs here do not depend on(More)
This paper shows a detailed study about the Young's algorithm for parameter estimation on ARX-SDP models and proposes some improvements. To reduce the high entropy of the unknown parameters, data reordering according to a state ascendant ordering is used on that algorithm. After the Young's temporal reordering process, the old data do not necessarily(More)
In this paper a recursive immuno inspired algorithm is proposed to identify time variant discrete multivariable dynamic systems. The main contribution of this paper has as starting point the idea that a multivariable dynamic system state space model can be seen as a point in a space defined by all possible matrices quadruples that define a state space(More)