Celso Pascoli Bottura

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In this paper a new method to generate white noise is proposed. This method is based on viewing the white noise generation as an optimization problem and solving this problem with an immuno inspired algorithm. The white noise approximation obtained with the proposed method is nearer the ideal white noise than a series generated with a known pseudo random(More)
It is proposed an approach for adaptive neural-based backstepping control for uncertain MIMO nonlinear systems that uses two neural networks in each backstepping design step. This leads to a more straightforward implementation when compared to methodologies that employ just one NN in each design step, as the neural networks inputs here do not depend on(More)
This paper shows a detailed study about the Young's algorithm for parameter estimation on ARX-SDP models and proposes some improvements. To reduce the high entropy of the unknown parameters, data reordering according to a state ascendant ordering is used on that algorithm. After the Young's temporal reordering process, the old data do not necessarily(More)