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Document Clustering and Text Summarization
This paper describes a text mining tool that performs two tasks, namely document clustering and text summarization. These tasks have, of course, their corresponding counterpart in “conventional” dataExpand
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Automatic Text Summarization Using a Machine Learning Approach
In this paper we address the automatic summarization task. Recent research works on extractive-summary generation employ some heuristics, but few works indicate how to select the relevant features.Expand
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The Latin Music Database
In this paper we present the Latin Music Database, a novel database of Latin musical recordings which has been developed for automatic music genre classification, but can also be used in other musicExpand
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On the suitability of state-of-the-art music information retrieval methods for analyzing, categorizing and accessing non-Western and ethnic music collections
With increasing amounts of music being available in digital form, research in music information retrieval has turned into a dominant field to support organization of and easy access to largeExpand
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Automatic music genre classification using ensemble of classifiers
This paper presents a novel approach to the task of automatic music genre classification which is based on multiple feature vectors and ensemble of classifiers. Multiple feature vectors are extractedExpand
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Generating Text Summaries through the Relative Importance of Topics
This work proposes a new extractive text-summarization algorithm based on the importance of the topics contained in a document. The basic ideas of the proposed algorithm are as follows. At first theExpand
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A Machine Learning Approach to Automatic Music Genre Classification
This paper presents a non-conventional approach for the automatic music genre classification problem. The proposed approach uses multiple feature vectors and a pattern recognition ensemble approach,Expand
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Attribute Selection with a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm
In this paper we address the problem of multi-objective attribute selection in data mining. We propose a multi-objective genetic algorithm (GA) based on the wrapper approach to discover the bestExpand
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Automatic Bird Species Identification for Large Number of Species
In this paper we focus on the automatic identification of bird species from their audio recorded song. Bird monitoring is important to perform several tasks, such as to evaluate the quality of theirExpand
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Feature set comparison for automatic bird species identification
This paper deals with the automated bird species identification problem, in which it is necessary to identify the species of a bird from its audio recorded song. This is a clever way to monitorExpand
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