Celio Trois

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Nowadays, Big Data applications exchange huge amounts of data, highly demanding network guarantees for bandwidth and low latency. However, network equipments did not provide a standard interface to control dynamically the resources. Software-Defined Network (SDN) has emerged to support network programmability, but it provides a programming model devoted to(More)
Scientific applications (SciApps) are broadly used in all science domains. For more accurate results, they have been increasingly demanding computational power and extremely agile networks. These applications are usually implemented using numerical methods presenting well-behaved patterns to exchange data across its computing nodes. This paper presents(More)
Despite of the water use increment for other sectors than agriculture, the water use for irrigation is the main water consumer in global scale. However, irrigation has been pressured by the civil society to improve water use efficiency in agriculture, to prevent water scarcity for human population that grows continuously, mainly in developing areas of the(More)
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