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SOS (SOMIW Operating System) is the result of a four-year eeort at INRIA to deene an object-oriented operating system. SOS provides support for arbitrary, user-deened, typed objects. The system implements object migration; this mechanism is generic, but can be tailored to speciic object semantics thanks to the prerequisite and upcall concepts. SOS also(More)
This report is the final report of the first phase of a study of head up displays (HUD) symbology conducted for DGAC/SFACT, in the frame of its pre normative research program for civil aviation safety. This report describes the main steps and results of the study : 1. Comparative analysis of the JAA and FAA regulations concerning HUD in general, and more(More)
Three experiments were conducted on 90 flying personnel to determine the role of luminance, hue, and saturation contrasts on angular visual acuity measured on a CRT system. A Snellen E test object was displayed under various visual acuity conditions on a TV screen, in color contrast, using red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, and black. The(More)
The development of advanced instrumentation for in-pile experiments in Material Testing Reactor constitutes a main goal for the improvement of the nuclear fuel behavior knowledge. In the framework of high burn-up fuel experiments under transient operating conditions, an innovative sensor based on acoustic method was developed by CEA and IES (Southern(More)
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