Celine Mateo

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The primary somatosensory barrel cortex processes tactile vibrissae information, allowing rodents to actively perceive spatial and textural features of their immediate surroundings. Each whisker on the snout is individually represented in the neocortex by an anatomically identifiable 'barrel' specified by the segregated termination zones of thalamocortical(More)
Synaptic interactions between nearby excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the neocortex are thought to play fundamental roles in sensory processing. Here, we have combined optogenetic stimulation, whole cell recordings, and computational modeling to define key functional microcircuits within layer 2/3 of mouse primary somatosensory barrel cortex. In vitro(More)
BACKGROUND Synaptic interactions between excitatory and inhibitory neocortical neurons are important for mammalian sensory perception. Synaptic transmission between identified neurons within neocortical microcircuits has mainly been studied in brain slice preparations in vitro. Here, we investigate brain-state-dependent neocortical synaptic interactions in(More)
The spatial organization of mouse frontal cortex is poorly understood. Here, we used voltage-sensitive dye to image electrical activity in the dorsal cortex of awake head-restrained mice. Whisker-deflection evoked the earliest sensory response in a localized region of primary somatosensory cortex and visual stimulation evoked the earliest responses in a(More)
Pm-mme. The function of RPE is well known in PVR. Pharmacologic agents have been extensively shldied both experimentally and clinically. Few reports have derailled the interactions of a”timitctic drugs on the microtubule network. The aim of this study is to visualize by indirect immunofluwescence the modification of the microtubule network of cultured pig(More)
Conclusion : The system of organisation of ophthalmological care regarding weal melanoma that we did accept ensrather high efficiency in organsaving treatment. TlTLE: BRACHYTHERAPY with Ro 106: the TREATMENT of FOSTERIOR CHOROIDAL and RETINAL TUMORS. AUTHORS : GARCIA-ARUMI J. PASCUAL R, NAVARRO R, MATE0 C. CORCOSTEGUl B. INSTITUTION : INSTITUTO DE(More)
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