Celine C Steinmetz

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Glial tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα) is essential for scaling up of synapses during prolonged activity blockade, but whether TNFα is an instructive or permissive signal is not known. Here we show in rat cortical neurons that the effects of TNFα and activity blockade are not additive; whereas TNFα increased AMPA quantal amplitude at control synapses, TNFα(More)
Previous studies suggest that glial cells contribute to synaptogenesis in specific neurons from the postnatal CNS. Here, we studied whether this is true for Purkinje cells (PCs), which represent a unique neuronal cell type due to their large size, massive synaptic input, and high vulnerability. Using new glia-free cultures enriched in PCs from postnatal(More)
Synaptic scaling is a form of homeostatic plasticity driven by transcription-dependent changes in AMPA-type glutamate receptor (AMPAR) trafficking. To uncover the pathways involved, we performed a cell-type-specific screen for transcripts persistently altered during scaling, which identified the μ subunit (μ3A) of the adaptor protein complex AP-3A. Synaptic(More)
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