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Wireless sensor network systems depend on many interrelated system parameters. The associated design space is vast, and effective optimization in this space is challenging. In this paper, we introduce a system-level design methodology to find efficient configurations for an application-specific sensor network system where optimization of energy consumption(More)
In this work, we address the synthesis of embedded software for sensor nodes in two important, specialized contexts. In the first context, an optimization framework is designed to automate the design space exploration of application-specific wireless sensor networks in order to adjust configuration parameters for deriving a streamlined overall(More)
The Iceberg-Cube problem restricts the computation of the data cube to only those group-by partitions satisfying a minimum threshold condition defined on a specified measure. In this paper, we implement the Bottom-Up Computation (BUC) algorithm for computing Iceberg cubes and conduct a sensitivity analysis of BUC with respect to the probability density(More)
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