Celiksöz Alí

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Although alveolar echinococcosis (AE) can cause a serious disease with high mortality and morbidity similar to malign neoplasms. A 62-year-old woman admitted to a hospital located in Sivas, Turkey, with the complaints of fatigue and right upper abdominal pain. On contrast abdominal CT, a 54×70×45 mm sized cystic lesion was detected in the left lobe of the(More)
A total of 70 patients presenting with suspected acute trazodone poisoning were notified to the Poisons Unit (National Poisons Information Service for England) from August 1980 until March 1983. Detailed follow-up information was obtained on 41 patients, 22 of whom were thought to have ingested trazodone alone. In these latter patients drowsiness (11),(More)
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