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A survey of the currently available literature on diffusion of Web technologies reveals that it is at a very early stage of development. As a result, it is difficult, if not impossible, to use existing models to describe or explain the process of establishing organizational Web sites. One of the few theoretical models that can be used as a starting point(More)
One of the most intriguing lines of research within the literature on diffusion of information technologies (IT) is the study of the power and politics of this process. The major objective of this article is to build on the work of Kling and Markus on power and IT, by extending their perspective to email. To demonstrate how email can be used for political(More)
This edited collection of cutting edge papers addresses a topic that to the best of my knowledge has not attracted much research, the utilization of information technology for bridging the " Grey Divide " namely, the divide between the aging population and the younger one. As the authors indicate, aging is not new. It has been with us since time immemorial(More)
A Collection of 17 Scholarly Titles There are many facets of online social practices, including, but not limited to, generational, gender, and cultural aspects. With the explosive growth of contemporary online social culture, a new and increasingly important area of study on online social behavior emerges. The Online Social Behavior collection is a(More)