Celia Suárez-Pantaleón

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Rapid analytical methods enabling the determination of diverse targets are essential in a number of research areas, from clinical diagnostics to feed and food quality and safety. Herein, the development of a quantitative immunochromatographic assay for the detection of the synthetic phytoregulator forchlorfenuron (CPPU) is described. The competitive lateral(More)
High-affinity polyclonal antibodies directed against the synthetic cytokinin forchlorfenuron (CPPU) were produced from three immunizing haptens with equivalent spacer arms located at different positions. A competitive immunoassay was developed with a limit of detection in buffer of 12.42 +/- 3.06 ng/L. In addition, the ability of the produced antibodies to(More)
Strobilurin fungicides are nowadays among the most important fungicides in the market of active agrochemicals. Pyraclostrobin, which belongs to the last generation of this family of molecules, shows a broader antifungal activity spectrum and higher efficiency and security profiles than previous fungicides. This paper describes the synthesis of(More)
To obtain highly-specific and selective forchlorfenuron binders, a collection of functionalized derivatives with different spacer arm locations and lengths was prepared. By immunization with target-mimicking haptens, a large battery of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against this synthetic cell regulator was produced and exhaustively characterized in(More)
Strobilurin fungicides have been increasingly used for fungus pest control since they were introduced in 1996. For pesticide residue detection, immunoassays constitute nowadays a valuable approach. This paper describes the synthesis of functionalized haptens of kresoxim-methyl, the production of monoclonal antibodies, and the development of enzyme-linked(More)
The development of immunoassays for the detection of the plant growth regulator forchlorfenuron (CPPU) is described. To achieve that purpose, a set of CPPU derivatives has been obtained by the previous synthesis of the adequate p-aminophenyl alkanoic acid. Protein conjugates of these compounds have been used as immunogens to produce rabbit polyclonal(More)
Forchlorfenuron is a synthetic phytohormone with cytokinin-like activity used worldwide as a plant growth regulator to increase fruit size in a number of crops, mostly in kiwifruit and grape vines. A monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the determination of forchlorfenuron has been characterized and optimized. The selected(More)
High-affinity and selective monoclonal antibodies have been produced against the strobilurin fungicide trifloxystrobin. A battery of functionalized haptens has been synthesized, and conjugate-coated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays following different procedures have been developed. On the one hand, a two-step conjugate-coated immunoassay was optimized(More)
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