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This paper describes how mature NLP that has been successfully applied in the area of controlled language checking can be used to deliver intelligent CALL applications1. It describe how an autonomous, long-distance second-language learning system for advanced learners 2 can be created. The architecture of the system consists of a multimodal user interface,(More)
This paper introduces the concept of controlled translation as the new working environment for the professional translator, and advances the idea that a new teaching scenario should emerge to cater for the needs of this controlled environment. In this context, we present how such scenario can be tailor-made to answer the needs of the translation industry.(More)
The Almadén area in Spain has a long history of mercury mining with prolonged human-induced activities that are related to mineral extraction and metallurgical processes before the closure of the mines and a more recent post period dominated by projects that reclaim the mine dumps and tailings and recuperating the entire mining area. Furthermore,(More)
ALLES is a new project on Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for advanced learners of English, German, Spanish and Catalan in the domain of business and economy. NLP tools and techniques will play an important role in ALLES for evaluating user´s oral and written production as well as for gathering and tailoring teaching materials. Project Summary(More)
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