Celia L Berry

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to grow "artificial blood vessels" for autologous transplantation as arterial interposition grafts in a large animal model (dog). METHOD AND RESULTS Tubing up to 250 mm long, either bare or wrapped in biodegradable polyglycolic acid (Dexon) or nonbiodegradable polypropylene (Prolene) mesh, was inserted in the(More)
In the last 40 years, as techniques and materials have improved, the success rate of vascular prostheses with a diameter greater than 6mm has risen steadily, 5-year survival rates exceeding 95% in most centres. With smaller grafts no comparable improvement has occurred, the majority failing within 5 years, usually as a result of intimal hyperplasia and,(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the relation between disproportionate fetal growth and adult blood pressure and to investigate whether arterial compliance in adult life is related to early development. DESIGN A follow up study of a group of men and women whose birth weights and other measurements of body size had been recorded at birth. SETTING Home and(More)
Using digoxigenin-labelled, synthetic oligonucleotide probe cocktails of angiogenin and bFGF genes, the expression of the two genes was observed by in situ hybridization in ten colonic adenocarcinomas, seven gastric adenocarcinomas, and four hepatocellular carcinomas. The angiogenin gene was expressed in eight of the ten cases of colonic adenocarcinoma and(More)