Celia García de la Fuente

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Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is the only known bacterium in which quinolone-resistant isolates do not present mutations in the genes encoding bacterial topoisomerases. The expression of the intrinsic quinolone resistance elements smeDEF, smeVWX and Smqnr was analysed in 31 clinical S. maltophilia isolates presenting a minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)(More)
Acinetobacter junii is a rare human pathogen associated with bacteraemia in neonates and paediatric oncology patients. We present a case of A. junii causing bacteraemia in an adult transplant patient with leukaemia. The correct identification of Acinetobacter species can highlight the clinical significance of the different species of this genus.
Recurrent bloodstream infections caused by a Gram-positive bacterium affected an immunocompromised child. Tsukamurella pulmonis was the microorganism identified by secA1 gene sequencing. Antibiotic treatment in combination with removal of the subcutaneous port healed the patient.
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