Celeste Geertsema

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BACKGROUND Aircraft cabins are pressurised to maximum effective altitudes of 2440 metres, resulting in significant decline in oxygen saturation in crew and passengers. This effect has not been studied in athletes. OBJECTIVE To investigate the degree of decline in oxygen saturation in athletes during long-haul flights. METHODS A prospective(More)
BACKGROUND Categorical grading and other measurable MRI parameters are frequently utilised for predicting the outcome of hamstring injuries. However, the reliability and smallest detectable difference (SDD) have not been previously evaluated. It therefore remains unclear if the variability in previously reported results reflects reporting variation or(More)
BACKGROUND Ankle joint injuries are extremely common sports injuries, with the anterior talofibular ligament involved in the majority of ankle sprains. There have been only a few large magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies on associated structural injuries after ankle sprains. PURPOSE To describe the injury pattern in athletes who were referred to MRI(More)
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