Celeste C Gary

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate our preliminary experience with interventional sialendoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of juvenile recurrent parotitis (JRP). MATERIALS AND METHODS Three consecutive pediatric patients with JRP who underwent interventional sialendoscopy were identified. Interventional sialendoscopy consisted of serial dilation of the Stenson's(More)
Ganglioneuromas rarely occur in the retropharynx with only three cases reported in the current literature. The most common symptom associated with retropharyngeal ganglioneuromas is dysphagia. We report a retropharyngeal ganglioneuroma with an unusual clinical presentation of neck stiffness and pain. A 42-year-old woman presented with incapacitating neck(More)
Zygomaticomaxillary fractures account for approximately 25% of all facial fractures. They can be grouped into high-velocity and low-velocity injuries. A complete head and neck examination is critical for accurate clinical diagnosis. A thin-cut axial CT scan with sagittal, coronal, and 3-D reconstruction is important for accurate diagnosis and treatment(More)
Intermediate and definitive cleft rhinoplasties are a challenging part of definitive cleft care. The anatomy of the cleft nose is severely affected by the structural deficits associated with congenital orofacial clefting. A comprehensive understanding of the related anatomy is crucial for understanding how to improve the appearance and function in patients(More)
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  • 2017
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Timing of pediatric nasal surgery has always been a controversial topic. Concern over disrupting growing parts of the face and causing permanent facial deformity has led to a primarily conservative approach. Many surgeons feel that it is prudent to wait until the patient has completed nasal growth after puberty to pursue nasal surgery. (More)
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