Celena Alcock

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Interest in understanding and facilitating 3D digital fabrication is growing in the HCI research community. However, most of our insights about end-user interaction with fabrication are currently based on interactions of professional users, makers, and technology enthusiasts. We present a study of casual makers, users who have no prior experience with(More)
Despite the enthusiasm and initiatives for making programming accessible to students outside Computer Science (CS), unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions about how we should be teaching programming to engineers, scientists, artists or other non-CS majors. We present an in-depth case study of first-year management engineering students(More)
Thingiverse is the largest 3D design-sharing online community with millions of users. Thingiverse provides a low-barrier-to-entry for exploring 3D printing as users can quickly download premade 3D designs and ask design-specific questions. In this paper, we investigate users' activities on Thingiverse and their conversations by using quantitative and(More)
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