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Source-location privacy is a sensor network privacy that is quite different from content privacy, which could be protected by usual network security techniques. In a sensor network environment, the wireless medium is shared. An adversaries may trace back to the source sensor hop by hop with signal localization devices. In order to enhance source-location(More)
As sensor-driven applications become increasingly integrated into our lives, issues related to sensor privacy will become increasingly important. Although many privacy-related issues can be addressed by security mechanisms, one sensor network privacy issue that cannot be adequately addressed by network security is confidentiality of the source sensor's(More)
Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm which is one of the most recently introduced optimization algorithms, simulates the intelligent foraging behavior of a honey bee swarm. Clustering analysis, used in many disciplines and applications, is an important tool and a descriptive task seeking to identify homogeneous groups of objects based on the values of(More)
Swarm intelligence (SI) is briefly defined as the collective behaviour of decentralized and self-organized swarms. The well known examples for these swarms are bird flocks, fish schools and the colony of social insects such as termites, ants and bees. In 1990s, especially two approaches based on ant colony and on fish schooling/bird flocking introduced have(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel hierarchical clustering approach for wireless sensor networks to maintain energy depletion of the network in minimum using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm which is a new swarm based heuristic algorithm. We present a protocol using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, which tries to provide optimum cluster organization in order(More)
Artificial bee colony algorithm simulating the intelligent foraging behavior of honey bee swarms is one of the most popular swarm based optimization algorithms. It has been introduced in 2005 and applied in several fields to solve different problems up to date. In this paper, an artificial bee colony algorithm, called as Artificial Bee Colony Programming(More)
Wireless sensor networks are currently being investigated for ubiquitous computing applications. Privacy is a critical issue for these networks as adversaries may be able to eavesdrop or observe the presence of sensor data to infer information that was not intended to be revealed. The devices that constitute sensor networks are low-powered,(More)